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To create the best collection of practical, 3D-printable designs available


Our designs will focus on functional parts that can be used at home or at work. Some designs will be "for fun," but if you are looking for figurines, this is not the website for you


  • Free access to STL files of ALL DESIGNS made specifically for Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D-printing by additive manufacturing experts
  • Full Commercial License for ALL DESIGNS at no additional cost
  • Rich, interactive assembly guides for ALL DESIGNS
  • KITS for all non-3D-printable parts available as a single purchase with free shipping via Amazon Prime (USA only)
  • BULK KITS with large per unit discounts available for commercial resellers (USA only)
  • STEP files and professional renderings for resellers (additional purchase required)


We've always wanted a site that you can go to and download files that you know are designed with 3D-printing in mind. While there are many other file sites with 3D-printable files available for free, the quality and printability of the files is unpredictable. So we decided to make our own site for those who want to use their 3D-printers for practical use cases.

When we started considering what we should charge for access to the files, we considered a few things:

  1. If we charge for monthly access to the files, how do we protect our files from being distributed against the terms of our license?
  2. If we don't charging for the files, are there alternative ways to generate revenue that would make sense to our customers?
  3. How do we align our incentives with the success of our customers? Or said another way, how can we avoid charging hundreds of dollars for access to files that don't sell in the marketplace?
  4. What other issues do hobbyist and professional 3D print farms experience?
  5. How can we help resellers succeed?

After extensive thought about these questions and others, we decided on a model that hopefully addresses most of these concerns.

We've decided to make all of our designs available for FREE in STL format, which has a few advantages over other models. Free files enable users to try our files without any barrier to cost. This also protects our files from being distributed against the terms of the license since by eliminating the reason that this happens in the first place (cost).

As an alternative form of revenue, we realized we could make kits for some of the files. For example, a remote control car kit will include all the parts needed to complete the project (electronics, motors, bearings, batteries, etc). This will be our way of generating revenue.

An added bonus of selling kits is that this aligns the incentives between our business and our customers - if our projects are good, our customers will share the projects, and we will sell more kits.

For our commercial resellers, we will offer bulk discounts on kits with larger quantities of items. For example, we will offer a kit that contains the parts for 5 cars in a single purchase at a discounted rate.

The kits also solve a problem that many have experienced with 3D printing - many of the files available call for specific non-3D-printable parts that must be purchased separately. The kit method eliminates some common issues like paying for shipping multiple times for orders from different websites, part stockouts that prevent project completion, and component changes that create compatibility issues.

Over time, we plan to partner with other 3D designers as part of our Practical Partners program, where will will provide kits for these designers so that their users will have easy access to all of the necessary parts to complete various their projects.

Another feature of our model is that we will provide additional support for those who intend to sell our designs commercially by providing STEP files and high-quality renders for an additional fee.

Our hope is that this is a fair and logical way to go about expanding the popularity of 3D printing.

We would be honored for you to join us for the ride!


What type of 3D printer do I need?

The majority of our designs will be compatible with FDM printers with a print volume of 180mm x 180mm x 180mm. Some common smaller printers that will be supported are the Prusa Mini and Bambu Lab A1.

Will all projects require the purchase of kits?

Nope! We are planning to make a wide variety of parts that can be printed for free, without the purchase of a kit. Our goal is to earn your trust!

Can we submit ideas for parts?

Yes! We plan on launching a feature where you can request what we make next. Not everything that is submitted will be approved, but we will take submissions into consideration as we grow.

Will there be figurines?

Nope! Our main focus is practicality - while we admire some of the 3D-printed figures available, that is not our expertise. We plan to stick to parts that make sense to us. However, some of our projects will be more "for fun" than practical. Stay tuned!

How many files are availabe?

We're just getting started, so the Brick Bud is the only file that is currently available. We will start adding new files on roughly a weekly basis starting soon!